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  • Mondays 12-4pm (cats only)
  • Tuesdays 12-6pm  (cats only)
  • Wednesdays 12-6pm (cats only)
  • Fridays 12-6pm (cats only)
  • Saturdays 12-4pm  (cats)
  • Saturdays  12-3pm (dogs) 

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This area is for AARF Fosters and Volunteers to talk ideas to make us more efficient in getting out kitties and doggies to their forever homes and to make AARF a happy place to spend time! Please make sure and SIGN your name to your posts and add your email address to your posts.


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Get pictures & bios at 5 weeks old & get quicker adoptions

Let's all try and get our little ones on PetFinder earlier this year. At about 5 weeks we need to get pictures and bios up so that by 8-10 weeks they can have their forever home already waiting for them. If you can make good pictures we can certainly use those, if not we'll have to call on Martha Davis Wilson to help out. Sorry Martha !! We do love you!!!...
Also please make sure to keep track of when your babies need to come to vet night for the first time and get tested and have their first shot/heska. Getting things done in a timely manner will hopefully get our kittens adopted faster and make way for even more little lives that can be saved! Thank you all for being such wonderful fosters and AARF volunteers!

Teams - Need input -there are more people doing more stuff

Leads and Leads in Training (Helpers)

Debbie Prendergast
Martha Wilson
Karen Wyatt
Judy Fradenburg
Lisa Ayers
Taylor Otto
Kris Dolloff
Corinne Haywood
Lisa Hammon
Kym Blalock
Susan Jolie
Leslie Sisel
Crystal Beck
Brittany Hinson

PetSmart- Send me anyone else

Jimmy Mackinerney
Piper Caviness
Christina Jackson
Colleen Ripley
Sara Egan
Bruce Hunter
Anne Marie Greve
Brittany Hinson

Bottle Feeders- Send me anyone else

Carolyn Crumpacker
Lisa Hammon
Susan Jolie (?)
Ranee Decker (?)
Deanna Schmehl

Lead Scheduling

Kris Dolloff

Foster Orientation

Kris Dolloff
Crystal Beck
Carolyn Crumpacker (babies)

Facebook/PetFinder/Webpage/TV/Newspaper - Send me anyone else

Lisa Ayers
Martha Wilson
Crystal Beck
Maureen Lutz
Kris Dolloff
Janice Freeman
Joyce Fish
Chris McFadden

Vet Night - Send me anyone else

Martha Wilson
Karen Wyatt
Pam Parrish
Jack Bennett
Kit Reddeck
Lisa Hammon
Joyce Fish
Chris McFadden
Margaret Vance
Alexandra Goodwin
Ranee Decker
Rick Decker
Kris Dollof
Susan Jolie


Carol Maurin
Martha Wilson

Cleaning and Care of House Cats/House

Pam Carmichael
Leslie Kish
Sara Adolfsson
Johanna Blazek
Amarillis (Saturday)
Amarillis' Mom (Saturday)

Saturday Cage Assignments

Lisa Ayers
Kym Blalock

Fundraising/Mailings - send me anyone else

Janice Freeman
Karen Wyatt
Kris Dolloff
Lisa Hammon
Carol Maurin
Larry Freeman
Carolyn Crumpacker
Lisa Miller
Treva Thigpen

Sending out Sob Stories!

Maureen Lutz

Manning the Phones- Send me anyone else

Brenda Flanner
Sharon Hayes
Amee Barrington
Treva Thigpen
Rebecca Kennedy
Sara Adolfsson
Casey Snodgrass
Maureen Lutz
Susan Dixon

Application Approvers- Send me anyone else

Diane Smith
Pam Carmichael
Debbie Prendergast
Martha Wilson
Joyce Fish
Chris McFadden
Karen Wyatt
Taylor Otto
Lisa Ayers
Jimmy Mackinerney

New Fosters

Amy Kinlaw
Ranee Decker
Lorin Ore

Introducing Flash Classes to make Pet Foster Care Easier


Saturday Lead/Trainee Schedule for 2nd Quarter 2017

Saturday Lead/Trainee Schedule For 2nd Quarter 2017

April 1- Taylor/ Kym
April 8- Debbie/Crystal
April 15- Martha/Crystal

April 22- Martha/Crystal
April 29- Judy/ Lisa H.
May 6- Lisa A/Leslie
May 13- Judy/ Kym
May 20- ??????./Susan/Jeanne Tucker
May 27- Taylor/Corinne
June 3- Debbie/Crystal
June 10- Lisa A./Kris/Lisa H.
June 17- Martha/Leslie
June 24- Martha/Kym

Submitted by Kris Dolloff

Changes in Lead & Clarifications

1) Debbie and Taylor traded Apr 22 for Apr 15 so that Debbie is working April 15.

2) Martha and Taylor traded Apr 1 for Apr 22 so that Taylor is working Apr 1 and Martha is working on Apr 22

Save our Shelter on CW

I want to submit my shelter
Do you work at or know of a shelter that you think could benefit from Rocky's and the SAVE our SHELTER Team's help? Submit your shelter and tell us why! Who knows, maybe your shelter could be on an episode of SAVE our SHELTER!"

I WANT TO SUBMIT MY SHELTER go to save our shelters web page to nominate AARF.

They got hard to adopt animal adopted, help with pr, food, remodels or new locations. Anything would help us.

Kris Dolloff@gmail.com

Saturday Lead Schedule

February 25, 2017 Judy Fradenburg
March 4, 2017 Taylor Otto with Corinne Haywood
March 11, 2017 Debbie Pendergast with Crystal Beck
March 18, 2017 Lisa Ayers with Kris Dolloff and Lisa Hammon
March 25, 2017 Judy Fradenburg with Leslie Sisel

Thank everyone for helping out on Saturdays!



This will be a wonderful way to share information with other Fosters/volunteers.

I hope we will all use it

Leads in training

Debbie Prendergast with Crystal Beck.
Martha with Kymberly Blalock.
Taylor Otto with Corrine Haywood.
Judy Fradenburg with Leslie Sisell.
Lisa Ayres with Kris Dolloff and Lisa Hammon,when no feeder kittens.
Karen with Susan Jolie and Judy Tucker

Kris Dolloff

A place for Fosters and Volunteers to talk about AARF

This is a new area of the webpage for AARF Fosters and Volunteers to offer suggestions, pass useful information to others in our organization, bounce ideas off each other and stay in contact with each other. Please remember this is a public forum so no personal info such as phone numbers. You do however need to put your name in your post since there is no login to identify you. Enjoy the blog and lets make it a useful tool for AARF!

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