Adoption Fairs

Saturdays: 12-4pm (cats)

Saturdays: 12-3pm (dogs)

Mondays: 12-4pm (cats only)

Tuesdays: 12-6pm (cats only)

Wednesdays: 12-6pm (cats only)

Fridays: 12-6pm (cats only)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday adoption fairs are limited sessions.


Location & Hours

Animal Adoption & Rescue Foundation
311 Harvey Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
336-768-PETS (7387)


  • Mondays 12-4pm
  • Tuesdays 12-6pm
  • Wednesdays 12-6pm
  • Fridays 12-6pm
  • Saturdays 12-4pm


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August 26th is National Dog Day


Celebrate by adopting a new Dog or Puppy this weekend!  Or maybe you want to be a new trend setter and adopt a Cat or Kitten instead!  


Need help with low cost spay or neuter?

AARF has received a grant from the Albert Schweitzer Animal Welfare Fund. Established in 1981, the fund was named for the famed scientist and humanitarian in recognition of his philosophy of Reverence for Life. Seeking and implementing humane solutions to the problem of pet overpopulation is one of the important projects that the fund supports.
With these grant monies AARF now has vouchers for families and individuals with low income to have their dogs or cats spayed or neutered. WIC guidelines apply and proof of income is required to qualify. There is a $10 co-pay per animal for a voucher. A maximum of 3 pets per household may be helped.
Constraints in the grant prohibit us from using the grant to aid feral cat spay and neuter.
For more information email or call the AARF Line and leave a clear message for a call back at (336) 768-7387. 


It's raining puppies and kittens at AARF!

AARF held the annual puppy and kitten baby shower to raise funds for the shelter’s youngest rescues and gather supplies for them. Thank you to everyone who brought supplies and stopped by to visit.  Special thanks also to Lisa T. and her parents and Judy F. for all the good eats. Keep us in mind every time you visit the grocery store or pet supply store or warehouse store and help us stock up on supplies.
Thank you!
Items always needed include:

KMR (kitten replacement milk)
Esbilac Puppy replacement milk
Authority Kitten (dry & canned)
Royal Canin Baby Cat (dry)
Iams Kitten (dry & canned)
Puppy Food (dry)
Costco dry cat or dog (or gift cards)
Puppy training pads
Dog and cat toys
Paper towels
Kitty litter -- clumping and non-clumping
Gift certificates to pet stores

Many thanks ahead of time for donations made – your contributions are invaluable to AARF!

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Thanks for Donation Birthday Party

Like many of her peers, Jessica Branch thinks that birthday parties are not just an excuse to get fun stuff for herself.  She held a donation party for AARF's animals to celebrate her birthday on March 12. Her friends brought cat and dog food, treats, and toys and many joined her at the AARF House to visit with our animals during the Saturday adoption fair. Now it's our turn to say "Thank you Jessica for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sharing your birthday with us."

Thank You Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School

Middle school students at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School collected needed supplies for AARF as their service project during